Thursday, April 30, 2009

XOXO CD Release - C'est La Vie

Posted Wednesday, April 29th 2009 by Scott Harrell
REAX Music Magazine

X.O.X.O. - say "hugs and kisses," or don't, depending on your willingness to indulge - crafts an equally earnest and quirky sort of indie-pop that's really too original to describe via the usual comparisons to Weezer . Shades of everything from the Elephant Six collective and Of Montreal to disco, go-go and edgy post-folk are evident in the band's sound, without ever sounding cluttered. Mostly, it's just beat-happy and innately catchy, with a melancholy scrim of clouds sometimes obscuring its inherent sunniness.

The Orlando group has a new album out called C'est la Vie, and it's pretty damn irresistible.

24 Hour Service Station is co-releasing the record with Orlando's Post Records. 24 Hour Service Station is handling the CD and Digital, while Post presses vinyl and CASSETTE. Yep, they are putting music on tape!

The're taking the CD release on the road starting tomorrow with a trio of shows:

THURSDAY, APRIL 30 - Will's Pub, Orlando
X.O.X.O., The Royal, Relondondo, Only Thieves - 8 p.m.

FRIDAY, MAY 1 - Crowbar, Ybor City
X.O.X.O., Relondondo, Geri X - 8 p.m.

SATURDAY, MAY 2 - Fox & Hound Pub, Oalkand Park (SE Florida)
X.O.X.O., Rolondondo, more - 10 p.m.

So get on out and help the guys celebrate their great new recorded effort by kicking up your heels and kicking in a few bucks for a copy of C'est la Vie.

XOXO Website
24 Hour Service Station

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Geri X on King Kong Klub Compilation

Geri X's song, "Kiss On Both Eyelids" is a featured track on German indie DJ Team King Kong Klub's KING KONG KICKS debut compilation album on Tapete Records.

From the press release:

It always goes like this: ''I heard that band "X" will soon release song "Y" on your label. That's an amazing track! Can you please send it to us? We'd love to play it in our club!'' We wonder if they were trained by the STASI or if they just bug our phones and read our e-mails (and do that to the other labels as well)? Anyway, KING KONG KICKS is always ahead of the game when it comes to being up-to-date and focus on new, not yet well-known bands. So of course we couldn't say ''no'' when we were asked if we wanted to produce a CD with the 25 best ''KING KONG'' songs.

Here is the result!


KING KONG KICKS - Compilation Volume 1

(TR152/CD 928742/4047179287425)

Headliners and big names have never been one of KING KONG KICKS' trademarks. For years it's been blazing through the German club scene without blatantly fake glamour, and now in its 9th year, it still manages to stay ahead of the pack. The first compilation, put together by Christian Vorbau and Frank Eichstädt, contains all the KING KONG hits that drag us onto the dancefloor week after week and don't release their hold on us until the eyes are closed, hands are in the air and the refrain comes out of our mouths. How nice to know that now you can take these unforgettable clubnights home without having to depend on what are supposed to be big names.
Whoever thinks that 25 penalty KICKS aren't possible will be taught a lesson. While the A&Rs are like deer blinded by headlights, KING KONG takes advantage of the shadow, does its homework and has the courage to be gutsy.

Release Date: April 24th

Geri X on MySpace

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Wesley Signs Digital Distribution Deal

24 Hour Service Station Signs Digital Distribution Deal With Internationally Renowned Musician John Wesley

Wesley has toured the U.S. and Europe extensively to support his independent European releases and as a performing member for Marillion, Fish, Porcupine Tree, and Sister Hazel.

The music of John Wesley has been called lyrically sensitive and musically dynamic. Wesley's current brand of guitar-driven acoustic and electric songs represent the cultivation of a diversity of inspirations from alternative, progressive, classic rock and folk genres intertwined with poignant lyrics drawn from the poetry of the common man. His skillful, versatile and energetic guitar style complements with fury his soulful emotionally-charged vocals, reminiscent of Roger Waters and Bruce Springsteen. What appeals to Wesley's fans worldwide is the spark of sincerity and sensitivity so often absent in today's mainstream music.

For more information, please contact Sonshine Ward:

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Atom and His Package Tribute Album

24 Hour Service Station to Distribute
Atom and His Package Tribute Album
to Benefit the American Diabetes Association

24 Hour Service Station is distributing a new tribute album to Atom and His Package entitled Up End Atom. Released on Hartless Hind Records, the album is a non-profit project whose proceeds will benefit the American Diabetes Association. Featured artists include mcchris, the Zambonis, MC Lars, Worm Quartet, Math the Band, Zolof the Rock 'n' Roll Destroyer, and others.
The album will be available digitally and physically on July 14, 2009 via MVD distribution.

Why pay tribute to Atom and His Package?

In his six year career, Atom not only made a massive amount of friends touring the country, but also influenced hundred of kids to start bands. His DIY ethics and relentless touring schedule made him a folk-hero in the underground scene, and he has released albums on No Idea, Fearless, Sub City and many other record labels. His nerdy looks and quirky sense of humor made him a beloved character. Five years after the "break up" of Atom and His Package in part due to the mounting health concerns of dealing with diabetes, a tribute album aimed at Atom benefiting the American Diabetes Association seems incredibly appropriate.

For more information, please contact Sonshine Ward: